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As they say, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Life's path is full of changes-- some planned, many not. From buying a home and raising a family to switching jobs and becoming ill, many aspects of life need security. That's why Barb Welton Insurance is here. To provide you, your business. and the things you care about with security.

Barb Welton Insurance has one mission: To secure the future of our clients, their families, and our staff by living according to our stated values every day. The information provided here is one way we work toward our goal.



Big or small, if you love it, we insure it.

Let us sweat the small (and big) stuff. At Barb Welton Insurance, that's what we do best.

Our comprehensive insurance services cover your personal and commercial needs. We offer CybersecurityCommercial, Auto, and Home insurance coverage.




We offer traditional insurance products to help protect you, your family, and your assets.



Our full array of commercial insurance products and employee protection benefits are available to meet your business coverage needs.

Celebrate the Journey

Barb Welton Insurance Helps You Plan For Tomorrow So That You Can Celebrate Today


At Barb Welton Insurance, we believe life is meant to be lived. As a Barb Welton Insurance client, you can focus on celebrating the journey, knowing that your short and long term dreams are protected.


Why Barb Welton Insurance?

We know you have plenty of choices available.

If you choose us, we'll make sure it's the right decision.

We are a lot like you.

We are business owners and parents; we are active in the community and concerned about our future. We work hard to pay our mortgages, taxes, and living expenses. We enjoy weekends and vacations. We wish we could enjoy them more often. We are planning for the days ahead, but treasuring the present.

Like other insurance agents...

We are experts in life insurance, commercial insurance, cybersecurity, and more. We constantly look for ways to save you money while protecting your future. We promise to do our best.

Unlike other insurance agents...

We partner with insurance companies throughout the country to find you the best coverage and price. And as independent insurance agents, we can deliver results from multiple insurance agencies within minutes. Whether you live in Camano Island, Washington State, or somewhere else within the United States, know that we're constantly looking for new, innovative ways to build your confidence in our services.

At Barb Welton Insurance, we can't promise you that we'll save you money, but we will certainly try.

We deliver on our promises.

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